Architectural Services: Construction Phases

10,000+ Hours of Experience

•     Provides conscientious construction phase field review and paperwork management.

•      Over 10,000 hours of construction phase experience, both on and off the site, primarily on wood-frame projects.

•     Intuitive sense of what is buildable, and of the sequence of construction, offering timely, productive resolutions to construction issues.

Diligence Through Project Wrap-Up

•     Concise, organized field review reports, to track and resolve issues in advance of contemplated completion, with an emphasis on life-safety aspects

•     Organized occupancy documentation. Similar to a building permit submission, acts as a team “whip,” assembling a coordinated list of the required documentation and actions for consultants

At this 136-unit multi-family project in Burnaby, comprised of a four-storey apartment building and several rowhouse buildings,* all sitting on a site-wide one-level underground parkade, Susanna worked with city building officials to ensure that life safety concerns were addressed while occupancy was granted in phases.
*Work completed while at a previous firm.

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