Elegant, Durable, Buildable Solutions

Susanna Houwen Architect provides architectural services for wood-frame residential construction projects in the Lower Mainland, with an emphasis on creating elegant regulatory, durable technical, and buildable construction solutions. Take advantage of Susanna’s greater than 12 years of local experience with new and existing apartments, townhouses, and houses.

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Elegant Solutions for Pre-Construction Phases

Whether at schematic design or building permit submission, Susanna contributes regulatory insight to find elegant solutions to design challenges. Zoning analysis, design guideline review, buildability advice, and code analysis identify opportunities and answers.

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Durable Solutions for                  Building Envelope Consulting

For new construction or reconstructions, Susanna brings thoughtful technical advice to achieve durable solutions for your residential or mixed-use low-rise project. Customized details are provided for each project—no booklets of standard details unrelated to the project.

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Buildable Solutions for      Construction Phases

From hole-in-the-ground to move-in-ready, Susanna provides conscientious construction phase field review and paperwork management. With buildable resolutions, the goals of the design intent, code compliance, and the schedule are balanced.

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To learn more about how Susanna Houwen can contribute to your successful project, call or email for a personal meeting.

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